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FBA Delivery Service>

Soon Soon Logistics can arrange the best options to manage your supply chain and the whole delivery process from your door to the FBA warehouse or your e-commerce partner.

After Service Parts>

Solutions that provide short response times to urgent requests for replacement parts from the end-users of the client’s products.

Milk-Run, Crossdock>

Integrating multiple solutions like Milk Runs and Cross Docking optimize customers supply chain for JIT deliveries.

Transportation and Warehousing of Pharmaceutical Products>

Optimization of Primary distribution from over 40 manufacturing sites of raw materials/finished packs and components to over 200 delivery points.

International Temperature Controlled Supply Chain >

Manage freight movements within an international supply chain across ocean, air and road, with a complex range of products at different manufacturing stages and multiple temperature ranges.

Regional Distribution Center>

Optimize your supply chain based on accurate demand forecasting to manage total inventory costs when combines with long transport lead times from Asian manufacturing origins